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Target '73: A Public Relations Program In Support Of A Freer Trade Policy   Add to Cart Secured Document - MyPRSA Login or Purchase Required

Publication Date: 1974
Source: Silver Anvil Award
Product Code: 6BW-7404A02
Organization/Author/Firm: 3M Company
Category: Public Affairs - Government Relations / Global Communications / Internal Communications
Industry: Technology
Outcome: Public policy / Raising awareness

Largely because of the efforts of 3M and other companies, the Trade Reform Act - a free trade measure - did pass the House by a two-to-one margin. The Hartke-Burke Bill did-get pigeon-holed. In the course of 1973, elimination of the tax credit on foreign source income did become less of an issue in the Congress.

3M provided significant help to at least 150 companies and groups which adopted or expanded free trade programs of their own.

Aid in terms of speakers and research materials was provided to such groups as the League of Women Voters and the American Association of University Women, which nationally adopted a pro free trade policy.

Significant national publicity was obtained on the issue to destroy misconceptions and build more positive attitudes about trade and multinational companies. This effort was carried to smaller cities and towns, particularly key Congressional districts and states.

3M management became actively involved in the program and helped solicit the aid of customers and suppliers.

Generally, within the company, individual employees could identify positively with the company's stake in freer trade. Internal awareness was greatly increased concerning 3M's role as a worldwide company.