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Blogger survey: CEOs who acknowledge mistakes are better, more authentic leaders

February 16, 2012

Bloggers want CEOs to acknowledge the mistakes and excesses of corporate America to show that they are in-touch with reality, even if the leader's company hasn't displayed any bad behavior, according to a survey by the 10 company and Gotham Research Group.

According to the survey of bloggers who cover corporate and business news, this recognition shows that CEOs are more aware of what average employees and consumers are thinking. Emotional intelligence is now seen as a crucial job requirement for any executive.

As the survey showed, bloggers expressed a universal sentiment that CEOs who display any of the following traits are automatically inauthentic:

  • Lack of courage. Bloggers believe that CEOs are too tightly handled and scripted — and, as a result, too tentative not only in their public statements, but in their actions.
  • Failure to engage in unscripted "give and take." Bloggers believe they should have an opportunity — even if only once a year — to ask questions, preferably in-person, and get a glimpse of the real person inside the CEO.
  • Failure to acknowledge and discuss their company's challenges. Bloggers are always on the lookout for potential problems that can undermine the companies they cover.


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