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Having trouble reaching strategic goals? Try overhauling internal communications

August 24, 2011

If your company is making slow progress executing its strategy, then one solution is to overhaul internal communications to show employees that your organization’s purpose and goals are authentic and relevant, Georgia Everse writes for a Harvard Business Review blog. Everse, a longtime communications and marketing executive and a visiting professor for the MBA program at Michigan’s Ferris State University, says internal communications should be built around a simple but inspiring core message.

Internal campaigns that are based on market and customer insights will bring an organization’s strategy to life for its employees, she says. Everse recommends what she calls an “Inspire/Educate/Reinforce” framework for delivering messages on an annual basis. When sharing a significant accomplishment or introducing a new initiative that relates to strategy, use inspiring messages to demonstrate progress toward goals or showcase benefits to customers.

Once a team has been energized with inspiring messages, explanations of a company’s strategic decisions and plans carry more weight. Everse suggests delivering and repeating such messages through dialogues rather than monologues, in small group sessions and via teams of employee ambassadors. “Corporate speak” comes off as hollow and lacking in meaning, so keep it real and tell a story. “Facts and figures won’t be remembered,” Everse writes. “Stories and experiences will.”  — Greg Beaubien


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