Guide to Selecting a Public Relations Firm or Consultant

Publication Date: 1998

Source: SO21 Public Relations Industry Information and Research
Product Code: 6I-1998
Organization/Author/Firm: PRSA Counselors Academy
Specialization(s): Account Management / Firm Management
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To reach its organizational goals, today's management needs to communicate with a number of important audiences: customers, stockholders, special interest groups, the news media, employees, communities, government agencies, banks, legislators, creditors, and many others. Successful management turns increasingly to public relations counseling and the techniques of professional public relations to help enterprises to communicate effectively with those audiences.

In this article, The Counselors Academy of the Public Relations Society of America offers suggestions and information to help your organization select a firm that will be a valuable management asset. This asset can enable your organization not only to gain the vital edge it needs to both build a successful operation and keep it that way, but also, at times, to ensure an organization's survival in an environment in which communication is a priority