Walk for the Health of It

Publication Date: 1987

Source: SO08 Silver Anvil Award
Product Code: 6BW-8710
Organization/Author/Firm: The Rockport Shoe Company,   Cone Communications
Industry: Health - Medical - Pharmaceutical
Specialization(s): Marketing / Media Relations
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The goal of this marketing campaign was to make Rockport shoes synonymous with fitness walking within all key audiences.

o Communicate Rockport's commitment as the leading educator/informational source;
o Build an unimpeachable platform using medical/scientific research;
o Position Rockport's medical spokesman, Dr. James Rippe as the nation's leading expert;
o Educate consumers regarding the features/benefits of walking shoes;
o Gain brand identity with the retail trade as the premier walking shoe and the leading promoter of walking in America;
o Increase Rockport walking shoe sales;
o Raise Rockport's profile within trade and financial audiences to assist company for IPO or merger/acquisition to raise significant capital