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Publication Date: 2013

Product Code: 6BW-131012
Organization/Author/Firm: DuPont,   Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide
Industry: Agriculture / Food - Beverage / Industrial Products - Services / Environmental / Packaged Goods
Specialization(s): Reputation Management / Media Relations / Global Communications
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2013 Silver Anvil Award Winner — Global Communications

DuPont sought to play a role in identifying sustainable solutions to feeding a world population that will grow from seven to nine billion people by 2050. DuPont partnered with the Economist Intelligence Unit to create a common language around the issue of food security, culminating in the five-country launch of the Global Food Security Index. The program exceeded all expectations including attendance by over 500 influencers at key events, generating over 320 unique articles, 120,000 online visitors to DuPont's Food Security digital hub and briefing requests from over 15 organizations. Collaborative opportunities with eight new partners have emerged to date.

Global communications includes any type of program, such as reputation/brand management, marketing or events and observances, that demonstrates effective global communications implemented in more than one country.