Take A Stand: Mobilizing SBC Employees to Deliver Infinite Service

Publication Date: 2003

Source: SO08 Silver Anvil Award
Product Code: 6BW-0312B09
Organization/Author/Firm: SBC Communications Inc.,   Fleishman-Hillard
Industry: Telecommunications
Specialization(s): Internal Communications
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Once SBC's Midwest phone service monopoly ended, the company began losing tens of thousands of customers every month to long-distance giants and local start-ups. To reverse its customer losses, SBC needed to dramatically improve its customer service and deliver new competitively priced offers. Its Take A Stand program was developed to stem customer losses by encouraging employees to deliver an unparalleled level of service and to become brand ambassadors. The results of employee surveys and internal benchmarks demonstrated that Take A Stand exceeded its objectives. Employees became motivated to make a personal commitment to retain and win back customers.