Scripps Workforce Communications Program

Publication Date: 2008

Source: SO16 Silver Anvil Award of Excellence
Product Code: 6BE-0813C04
Organization/Author/Firm: Scripps Health,   Dave Meyer Design, / Brian Lexmond Communications
Industry: Associations - Nonprofits
Specialization(s): Internal Communications
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2008 Silver Anvil of Excellence Winner – Internal Communications – Association / Government / Nonprofit Organizations

In 2005, Scripps Health embarked on a campaign to enhance employees’ understanding and perception of the organization’s total compensation package, including pay and benefits. Research indicated that workers were dissatisfied and confused about benefits advice and education; and undervalued the company-funded benefits package.

In developing a comprehensive strategy and plan to close the communications gap, Scripps developed and created new communication mediums specifically dedicated to workforce issues to bring greater attention to and understanding of its benefits and compensation program.

In two years, the program has yielded significant results in a competitive job market with increases in both employee satisfaction scores and retention since the campaign was implemented.