Wheel of Fortune

Publication Date: 2005

Source: SO16 Silver Anvil Award of Excellence
Product Code: 6BE-0513A02
Organization/Author/Firm: Cox Communications
Industry: Media
Specialization(s): Internal Communications
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Cox Communications, Inc. is the third largest cable company in the U.S. and Cox Arizona is the company’s largest cable system, serving more than 700,000 customers in the greater Phoenix and Tucson metro markets. The Cox Arizona system has 2,500 employees and this represented our target audience for this campaign.

In 2004, the Cox Arizona Senior Team established a set of critical goals for the year that would serve as the foundation of every initiative the system undertook. In addition, each of these goals contributed directly to our two core and critical metrics: revenue generating units (RGU) – an internal term for service subscriptions - and operating cash flow (OCF). These two measurements are also what drive our employee bonus program.

The communications team and senior management realized for the company to reach these very aggressive goals, it would require the full understanding, support and effort of employees at every level. To achieve our awareness objective and help drive the company to reach its goals, we decided that an in-depth and ongoing employee communications program was the most promising solution to reach employees across the system and earn buy-in, commitment and action.

Because success in each of the areas covered by the goals would directly contribute to customer and cash growth, generating “fortune” for the company and its employees (via the bonus), the goals were branded as our “Wheel of Fortune”. We built the communications program around this Wheel of Fortune branding.