Detroit Medical Center's $50 Million Emergency Funding Request

Publication Date: 2004

Source: SO16 Silver Anvil Award of Excellence
Product Code: 6BE-0411C14
Organization/Author/Firm: Detroit Medical Center,   Seyferth Spaulding Tennyson Inc
Industry: Associations - Nonprofits / Health - Medical - Pharmaceutical
Specialization(s): Crisis Management
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Faced with potentially controversial budget cutbacks and possible closures, the Detroit Medical Center (DMC), Detroit's largest health care system, engaged Seyferth Spaulding Tennyson Inc. (SST) to help it gain $45-$50 million dollars in emergency funding. SST embarked on a rigorous, daily public relations campaign to facilitate understanding and arouse support among the public, elected officials and key public opinion leaders. When the DMC was awarded $50 million in emergency funding, Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick validated the effectiveness of SST's campaign by remarking, "We received all of your chain e-mails. We received all of your letters. We heard you."