Measuring the Impact of Employee Communication on Employee Comprehension and Action: A Case Study of a Major International Firm

Publication Date: 2008 Spring

Source: SO03 Public Relations Journal
Product Code: 6D-020201
Organization/Author/Firm: Julie O’Neil, Ph.D.
Specialization(s): Measurement
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This study describes the employee communication strategy of a global firm and the research that compares communication output and outcome data from 2004 and 2007. The paper also examines the impact of various employee communication tactics and channels in engendering employee comprehension and action in support of the firm’s objectives. Results of a global communication survey indicate that timely, complete, and accurate corporate communication and face-to-face managerial communication can help to secure employee action in favor of company goals. This case study also serves as an example of how corporate communicators can measure and evaluate their employee communication programs.