U by Kotex and Generation Know: Creating a Movement of Women to Spread the Word About Vaginal Health

Publication Date: 2014

Source: SO08 Silver Anvil Award
Product Code: 6BW-1402F22
Organization/Author/Firm: U by Kotex, from Kimberly-Clark Corporation,   Marina Maher Communications LLC
Industry: Consumer Products / Packaged Goods
Specialization(s): Marketing
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2014 Silver Anvil Award Winner — Marketing Consumer Products — Packaged Goods

Programs are designed to introduce new products or promote existing products to a consumer audience.

U by Kotex, known for its bold attitude and dedicated to challenging accepted norms, set out to end the cycle of misinformation about vaginal health by inspiring young women to join Generation Know – a new generation of young women armed with facts about their bodies and comfortable with their periods and vaginal health. To engage women of this generation, we had to be real. Instead of having the brand encourage girls to get involved, we turned the mission over to real women. Generation Know spurred hundreds of thousands of young women to get and share the facts and, in turn, women showed their support for U by Kotex. Brand sales increased nearly 18% and positive brand sentiment rose 200%.