Haagen-Dazs loves Honey Bees: Let’s Lick This Problem - Reputation / Brand Management

Publication Date: 2009

Source: SO08 Silver Anvil Award
Product Code: 6BW-0902B03
Organization/Author/Firm: Häagen-Dazs,   Ketchum
Specialization(s): Advertising - Branding / Reputation Management / Brand Management / Advertising Branding
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2009 Silver Anvil Award Winner – Reputation Management / Brand Management – Business – Companies With Sales Of More Than $500 Million To $10 Billion

Stung by a lack of relevance with consumers, the Haagen Dazs brand tapped Ketchum to create HD loves HB, a honey of a program to engage consumers and change brand perception while maintaining HD’s philosophy. Committed to using all-natural ingredients, the program linked the brand to an issue threatening the existence of more than 40% of HD’s ingredients – the mysterious honey bee disappearance. In April, baseline sales increased 5.2%, the largest single volume increase in more than a year, sustaining growth above 4% through July and garnering more than 277 million impressions with $1.5 million in advertising equivalencies.