Shutterfly Soirée

Publication Date: 2003

Source: SO08 Silver Anvil Award
Product Code: 6BW-0308C06
Organization/Author/Firm: Maloney & Fox,   Maloney & Fox
Industry: Consumer Products / Technology
Specialization(s): Marketing
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The Shutterfly Soiree, an upgraded version of the Tupperware Party with a high-tech twist, has redefined one-to-one marketing in the confusing and complicated world of digital online photo services. Small gatherings of 7 - 10 women hosted by a Shutterily representative in strategic markets - competitors and potential partners' "backyards" - helped women understand and buy into the new service; catapulted Shutterfly's new registrants to 70,000 per month - double its pre-Soiree level; increased its print volume by 63 percent and has lead Shutterfly, with no advertising support, to two successive profitable quarters on an EBITDA basis.