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Staying Focused During a Leadership Crisis

November 20, 2013

As Toronto’s City Council was voting to strip Mayor Rob Ford of most of his powers after revelations of his drug and alcohol abuse and erratic behavior, hundreds of the city’s municipal workers found themselves in a leadership crisis. Leaders set the example for an organization and create its culture, and should have strong ethical values that are demonstrated in everything they do, according to The Globe and Mail on Nov. 19.

Conversely, a leader who demonstrates unethical behavior creates a culture of mistrust, sending the message to employees that lying, cheating, double-talk and half-truths are acceptable in their workplace. In the article, Vanessa Judelman, the president of a leadership and executive development firm, offered strategies for maintaining a positive and productive work experience even amid management turmoil.

Remember that no situation is permanent. Things will settle down eventually, so stay focused on the vision — which for Toronto’s municipal workers was to provide excellent service and support for the people of the city. Even when there’s chaos at the top, set clear goals and develop an action plan, the paper advised. Stay positive. Your career depends on your good name, so don’t burn bridges or get caught up in the rumor mill. Especially during tumultuous times, be the kind of person who others can turn to and trust. — Greg Beaubien

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