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Are you an antisocial CEO?

August 16, 2013

Why should CEOs use Twitter?

Forbes calls it a platform on which to build a personal brand, a tool that lets leaders talk about themselves, their company, products and services. But Twitter also gives CEOs the chance to listen, an opportunity most are missing. According to a recent study by Domo and, only 4 percent of CEOs are tweeting and almost 70 percent have no social-media presence at all.

To overcome reluctance to social media, eliminate the second word, suggests. Sociability is an inherent human trait, and technology is letting people connect, communicate, share, build, invent, conspire and celebrate in new ways.  Leaders of industries that are losing relevance with younger people should ask themselves whether they are choosing to be antisocial CEOs.

Opting out of being social means missing the chance to learn what consumers want. Social media like Twitter let CEOs join the conversation and hear what the world is saying about issues that matter to their companies and clients. Such feedback also helps executives avoid the trap of talking only to people who share their views. — Greg Beaubien



Kenton R. Sandfoss says:

This article is great because it talks about a new way that CEO's should stay connected with society and find out what their customers and others think about their business. In today's society, people talk all the time about their experiences at local businesses and restaurants on Facebook and twitter, whether it be where they work or where they went with their family last night. It is crucial for CEO's to know this information so that they can make changes, and that they can interact with customers in ways they never have before. I truly think that CEO's that don't follow social media are giving their self a disadvantage because they don't get to see what people truly think or want from their business. Kenton Sandfoss

Aug. 22, 2013

Steven George Zimmer says:

I believe that this article hit social media and CEO's right on the head. Social media is being used by millions of people these days. For some it is the only way to communicate. And for CEO's to have this way of communication right at there finger tips is awesome. They have the ability to connect and share ideas with everyone. I think every organiztion or company needs social media to grow.

Aug. 25, 2013

Ben Meadows says:

I think that the article poses a good point. I can see where it would be easy for a CEO to view social media the same as any other media source: a distraction and a nuisance. However, the key difference is that social media allows direct communication with the consumer, rather than a third party perspective. It is an excellent chance to both share and listen and should not be wasted. Beaubien suggests focusing on the “social” part of social media to help CEO’s overcome the stigma associated with it. Being social is a normal part of life, and missing out on a chance to socialize with the consumer would be a mistake. Top-tier executives should always be willing to communicate with their customers and stakeholders and be aware of what is happening in the marketplace.

Aug. 26, 2013

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