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People are thriving on Web imagery, and brands can join the fun

June 5, 2013

People are spending more and more time creating, curating and sharing visual content on the Web — some of which, such as videos of the dance craze “Harlem Shake,” become memes that spread throughout the culture.

Writing for Fast Company online, Google’s Abigail Posner argues that the visual Web is not just a silly distraction, but rather feeds our imaginations and appetite for discovery, and reconnects us to an essential part of ourselves by letting us see the familiar in a fresh light. Brands can engage with their followers more meaningfully by creating content that resonates in today’s visual culture, she says.

The Web lets us venture through an array of seemingly unrelated images and clips and devise new combinations that fire our creative synapses. And when we share a video or image, we also share the emotional response that it creates, Posner suggests. “Our new visual culture is one in which we’re constantly offering each other little gifts,” she writes, “little moments of pleasure that remind us we’re truly and deeply bonded to one another.”

In this visual environment, brands should think more like content creators and less like advertisers, Posner says. “Create content that reminds us of our own capacity for excitement, happiness and vivacity, so we want to share it with others.” — Greg Beaubien


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