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Counselors to Higher Education Section

As a higher education public relations counselor, you will find that our in-person programs, publications and virtual networks help you promote the value, power and appropriate role of public relations to your institution. Access analysis, trends and tools to provide strategic leadership in public relations at colleges and universities.
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  • Section Webinars

    Social Media and Your President, Tony Dobies, WVU social media strategist (2016)
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    The New Roadmap for Building and Managing Reputations in Higher Education (February 2016)
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    Sexual Violence on College Campuses  (January 2016)
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    “Managing and Communicating About Higher Education Crises: Two Months, Three Crises”
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  • Section Google Hangouts
    Google Hangout: Sexual Violence on College Campuses (January 2016)
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    Google Hangout With University CEOS- A Presidential Approach to Social Media (January 2015)
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    Google Hangout With CHE Executive Committee Members (March 2015)
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