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Volunteer as an APR Facilitator

APR Online Facilitator for the APR Online Study Course

Why become an APR Online Facilitator?
This interactive online multimedia course is designed to help APR — Accredited in Public Relations — candidates prepare for the  Examination for Accreditation in Public Relations. Course content, geared toward the knowledge, skills and abilities measured during the Examination, is presented through a variety of interactive methods, including multimedia APR module introductions, asynchronous activities, case study analysis, projects, directed discussions, self-correcting quizzes and simulations. It provides opportunities for self-study, collaboration and teamwork — all situations that public relations professionals encounter in their day-to-day responsibilities.

Beside the satisfaction you will feel, helping other professionals become accredited, the UAB has approved 1 point toward the APR Maintenance Credits for each quarter of service.

As an APR Online Facilitator, we ask that you help out in the following ways:

  • Answer APR Online Course participant questions, if they send you an email. You are under no obligation to spend time with individuals, however please let them know what you are or are not willing to do.
  •  Periodically, (once a month or so) review some of the comments in the online activities. If you can, provide supportive feedback to the online discussions. Feel free to pick an area in which you feel especially comfortable. Again, your participation is not required, but greatly appreciated! So - don't be shy and jump right in when you feel comfortable!
  • Consider becoming an APR Online Coach to one (or more) individuals studying for the APR Examination. This is a “penpal” type relationship, and you may define the boundaries according to your needs. Share your experience and help guide the online participant through the course material.
  • Volunteer to facilitate a monthly web conference. Each month, we will send you an email asking you to consider leading a web conference. Generally, you will be joined by Kathy Mulvihill and / or Michael Henry (Technical Facilitator). The slides will be sent to you, so you can prepare for the conference. 

Interested? Click here to view the APR Online Course site. Contact Kathy Mulvihill at with inquiries and feedback.

The APR Online Study Course is produced under the supervision of the Universal Accreditation Board and in cooperation with and