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Working With Top-Tier Culinary Media: The 2nd Course

Hosted by the Travel and Tourism Section

Culinary tourism remains one of the hottest attractions for destinations all around the world. Celebrity chefs, new restaurant openings and ingredients re-imagined coming together on a plate are just a few of the countless reasons travelers have made food (and drink) the foundation of their vacation itineraries.

In this brown bag teleseminar, we take the discussion on working with top-tier culinary media beyond the first course of “how to” and trends, to the second course, including:

  • Refining the recipe of what makes a good story.
  • Identifying storytellers who can really make your experience come to life.
  • Discovering whether leveraging social media has any impact on getting your brand recognized by the most influential culinary and travel media in the industry today.

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Betsy Andrews,
executive editor, Saveur Magazine

Betsy Andrews is the executive editor of Saveur magazine and the editor of the new Saveur DRINK. She is a former dining critic for The New York Times, a former Zagat editor, and she created Food & Wine magazine’s first-ever blog, “On the Line in New Orleans,” an inside report on the rebuilding of the New Orleans restaurant industry after Katrina. She has also written about food and drink for Chow, Penthouse, Arrive, and other publications. She is the author of two award-winning books of poetry: New Jersey, winner of the 2007 Brittingham Prize in Poetry, and The Bottom, winner of the 42 Miles Press Prize in Poetry for 2013.