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Archive: Travel and Tourism Section Programming

Online Webinars and Brown Bag Discussions 

Previous programming is available to Travel and Tourism Section members. Sign into MyPRSA to access on demand playback and speaker handouts.

Working With Top-Tier Culinary Media: The 2nd Course [Travel and Tourism Section Brown Bag Discussion]
Culinary tourism remains one of the hottest attractions for destinations all around the world. Celebrity chefs, new restaurant openings and ingredients re-imagined coming together on a plate are just a few of the countless reasons travelers have made food (and drink) the foundation of their vacation itineraries.
Presenter: Betsy Andrews, executive editor, Saveur Magazine

Getting The Most Out of Your Content Marketing Strategy [Travel and Tourism Section Brown Bag Discussion]
Your content is only as valuable as the audience that engages with it. So how do you get your content in front of the largest audience possible? Join us for this informative Brown Bag session as Cision’s Laurie Mahoney and Brandon Andersen share tips and best practices on promoting your content.
Presenters: Brandon Anderson and Laurie Mahoney 

2014 Travel Trends: Where Do We Go From Here? [Travel and Tourism Section Brown Bag Discussion]
As 2013 comes to an end, PR pros across the globe have already started to finalize their public relations and communications strategies for 2014 and beyond. However, what important lessons can we still learn from travel consumers in the remaining months of this year to better prepare? What trends should we be focused on, and how do we prepare our companies, destinations and clients to take advantage of these shifts in the marketplace?
Presenter: Jason Clampet, co-founder and head of content, Skift

Travel and Tourism Advocacy: Engaging in Politics and Policies [Travel and Tourism Section Brown Bag Discussion]
In recent years, executive order has implemented several initiatives to significantly increase travel and tourism in the United States, but there still remain a number of legislative issues affecting the travel industry. During this special 60-minute brown bag teleseminar, our all-star panelists shared what global and local issues are currently affecting the travel industry, as well as what might be on the horizon. You’ll hear how these current and potential issues may negatively impact your area of business, and how to be prepared. In addition, you will be given insight and direction on how to serve as a key advocate and voice for the travel and tourism industry in the political spectrum.
Panelists: John Severini, Kristen Jarnagin and Mike Fullerton

Heard it on the Radio: Garnering Exposure for Your Business [Travel and Tourism Section Brown Bag Discussion]
Do you overlook targeting radio when planning your public relations strategy and events? While it may not have the appeal and instant gratification of online, print, television and social media coverage, radio remains an important old-school medium. According to a report by Arbitron Inc., radio’s audience remains steady with 93% of the population turning in on a weekly basis in some form. This free brown bag presentation recording will introduce you to public broadcast and digital outlets that are deserving of your attention and resources, and tips to pitching and garnering exposure on the radio dial. Presenter: Paul Lasley

Develop Your Visibility and Appeal on Google+ [Travel and Tourism Section Brown Bag Discussion]
In recent months developers of Google+, the social networking service from Google, have taken great strides in improving the content sharing platform. Industry experts are taking notice as the latest research is showing an increase of active usage on Google+, closing the gap against other social network services. In addition, Fortune 100 brands are becoming more prominent on the network, further building their community of fans and separating themselves from the competition.
Presenter: Guy Kawasaki

What's Your Mobile Strategy? [Travel & Tourism Section Brown Bag Discussion]
With the growth in smart phone adoption, continued spending by consumers via their mobile phones and the uptake of tablets, a mobile strategy is now a requirement. This brown bag discussion will help you get ahead of the curve in developing a mobile strategy for your public relations efforts in the travel and tourism industry.You will learn why mobile is a technology you cannot ignore, how to determine the strategy that will best serve your organization or client, the emerging technologies that will revolutionize mobile in the years ahead and how travel and tourism businesses are already leveraging mobile.
Facilitator: Shel Holtz, ABC

Proactive PR for Oil Spill Region Hotels, Destinations and Attractions [Travel & Tourism Section Brown Bag Discussion]
This brown bag teleconference will provide tactical strategies for travel and hospitality communicators experiencing challenges such as oil-soaked beaches and cancellations from travelers. Even if you are not directly impacted by the oil spill, this timely discussion will provide valuable insight into how industry public relations practitioners can respond to highly-visible crises.
Panel: Jim Lukaszewski, ABC, APR, Fellow PRSA, CCEP, John Deveney, ABC, APR, Fellow PRSA, Mary Cracchiolo-Spain and Peggy Bendel.

Sharpening Your Social Media Skills to Promote Your Destination [Travel & Tourism Section Brown Bag Discussion]
Be an early tester, late adopter: A TV tech expert's lessons from the iPad, Second Life, Facebook, Twitter, Google Buzz and more.
Featured Presenter: Sree Sreenivasan.

The Art of Working With Production Companies: Best Practices for Pitching and Negotiating Coverage for Your Destination [Webinar, available until April 8, 2014]
Our panel of experts shared best practices and case studies on how CVBs, hotels/resorts, activities/attractions, restaurants and other businesses can effectively work with production companies to generate invaluable coverage through television and movie exposure.
In this session, you will:

  • Learn how to “think like a producer” to properly pitch your destination.
  • Gain a better understanding of how the television and movie industries work.
  • Receive tips on how to work with production teams to shape your destination’s story.
  • Receive useful insights on working with industry partners to make seemingly impossible opportunities a reality.

Featured Presenters: Maria Carrera, Meghann Gibbons and Darlene Morikawa