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T3PR 2010 Conference Presentations

With the rise of Web 2.0, many public relations professionals have sought to position themselves as influencers in the realm of social media. The 2010 T3PR conference, "Strategic Views on Technology and the Changing PR Landscape," was dedicated to helping PR professionals stand out in this crowded space. Experts demonstrated how to facilitate more effective online engagement through shifts in strategic thinking.

Theory, Tactics & Technology for High-Tech Public Relations Conference
June 11, 2010, New York, New York

Presentations from this conference are available to Technology Section members. Sign into MyPRSA to download these hand-outs and slides.

What's Next for PR, Strategy and Technology [Presentation]
With tech innovations flooding the market, distinguishing what you need (from what you want) can be challenging. Find out about the future must-have tools and techniques that will keep your projects competitive.
Presenter: Sarah Evans, social media coach and president, Sevans Strategy; founder of #journchat

Personal Brands: The Opportunities and Threats [Presentation]
The Wild West is an analogy, all too often ascribed to the social media space, particularly PR managers seeking to manage a brand online. Learn how to safeguard your reputation and mine new opportunities with current gold-standard best practices.
Presenter: Ed Schipul, president and CEO, Schipul – The Web Marketing Company

Utilizing Technology and Online Tools to Efficiently Manage and Maximize PR [Presentation]
Being nimble is a large part of PR’s successful expansion into the online space. Find out new techniques to jumpstart your current programs, monitor and make strategic adjustments in real time, as well as irrefutably demonstrate PR’s ROI.
Presenter: Sandra Fathi, president and founder, Affect Strategies, Inc.

Driving Your Online Footprint: PR Experts as Influencers [Presentation]
Learn how PR professionals can successfully engage audiences — from media to customers, prospects to partners —to help expand their company’s or client’s online brand awareness, interaction and credibility through the use of social media.
Presenter: Christine Perkett, president and founder, PerkettPR, Inc.

B-to-B Tech Firms and Murphy's Law: Anticipating Communications Crises [Presentation]
Once, you’re in a crisis, the time to put together an action plan is over. Hear how to identify the “x” factors in your marketing and PR programs, and put in place a go-to crisis communications protocol, to move your team and organization forward.
Presenter: Harjiv Singh, co-founder and co-CEO, International, Gutenberg Communications