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Archive: New Professionals Section Programming


Online Webinars and Brown Bag Discussions 

Previous programming may only be available to New Professionals Section members. Sign into MyPRSA to access on demand playback and speaker handouts.

Real-Time Marketing Done Right [On-Demand Brown Bag Teleconference Playback]
With an increasing emphasis on brands to capitalize on adaptive marketing and drive real-time actions, how do public relations professionals ensure they can be “in the moment” to make decisions and act quickly? Join moderator Janelle Huelsman, senior account executive, Fahlgren Mortine, and presenter, Josh Martin, social media manager, Arby's, for this brown bag discussion about a growing sector within an industry where the only constant is change.

PRSA Jobcenter: Your Guide to Career Success [On-Demand Brown Bag Teleconference Playback]
In this Brown Bag, Richard Spector, of PRSA Jobcenter, shared with us all of the basics, but also all of the new and creative ways to enhance your resume with QR codes and social media. Then, once you catch an employer’s attention with your resume, he discussed how to “wow” them with your interview skills. In addition to interviews and resumes, he reviewed the job seeking tools PRSA has to offer. Regardless of what stage of your career you’re in, this is always valuable information to have!

Evolution of the Prototype Marketer: The Hybrids are Coming [On-Demand Brown Bag Teleconference Playback]
Digital marketing has revolutionized the industry, and the job market. Corporate marketing departments and marketing agencies struggle to recruit and retain qualified professionals for career paths that did not exist three years ago, while academic institutions are faced with the need to adapt curriculums to the real-time nature of business. In this Brown Bag, presenters Paul Roetzer, the founder and CEO of PR 20/20, and Tracy Lewis, a consultant at PR 20/20, highlight how young professionals can become hybrids, and keep their skills sharp in a world revolutionized by change.

What PR Bosses Wish Their New PR Pros Would Do But Won’t Tell Them  [On-Demand Brown Bag Teleconference Playback]
Michael Smart, principal of MichaelSMARTPR, coaches public relations executives who look to him for help solving their most pressing and common challenges. Often, these senior PR pros express concerns to Michael about their junior employees that they can’t or won’t deliver directly to the employees themselves. In this brown bag teleseminar, Michael shared PR execs’ most common frustrations and how to avoid them. He shared what separated the most successful from the rest. Listen to Michael for this informal discussion that covered how to avoid unknowingly committing the most common errors that drive PR bosses crazy, how to deal with micromanaging bosses and those you never can seem to please, simple steps that prove your trustworthiness to your bosses and how to get assigned the most meaningful projects.

Navigating Your Financial Future [On-Demand Brown Bag Teleconference Playback]
Join New Professionals Section members for a brown bag teleconference hosted by financial advisor Jim Beverley, CLU, ChFC, CFP. Among the general topics, Jim will discuss are developing a sample budget based on an average entry-level public relations professional's salary, managing your credit, including what affects your credit score (and how it affects what you can do with your money), an overview of available student loans, and tips to make the repayment process as painless as possible and planning for retirement (no, you're not too young). Please note that this brown bag teleconference is for informational purposes only. For advice pertaining to your financial situation, you should consult a tax, legal or financial advisor.

Going Pro: Taking Your Social Media Skills to the Business Setting [On-Demand Brown Bag Teleconference Playback]
“Stop marketing. Start engaging.” is instructor Scott Stratten’s tagline for his company “” During this brown bag, Stratten will share how new professionals can effectively leverage their fluency in social media into online business communications. Instead of “the hard sell,” Stratten will detail how new professionals can authentically engage online communities and key stakeholders on behalf of their organizations. Also, Stratten will explain which social media tools work best (and which to ignore), testing grounds for new strategies and where opportunities for career growth can be found. During this brown bag, you will learn how to apply your social media currency to a business setting, authentically engage with key stakeholders on key points, rather than “messaging,” identify and use tools that provide the best results (instead of the most hype) and find opportunities to expand your projects and your own online reach.

Build a Thriving Online Brand for Yourself  [On-Demand Webinar Playback and Speaker Handouts]
Show, not just tell, that’s the secret to becoming an online influencer. Learn to strategically share your professional insights over social media and position your brand during this New Professionals Section webinar. Fellow PRSA member and new pro Lauren Fernandez will detail how, when and where to join online conversations, while maintaining your professional credibility. Joining her will be Arik C. Hanson, APR, principal of ACH Communications, and a leading contributor to various social projects through, the PR Breakfast Club and more.

Exploring Post-Graduate Options in PR  [On-Demand Brown Bag Teleconference Playback]
If you’re considering obtaining a Master’s degree or APR, join moderator Tiffany McDaniel, admissions representative, ITT Technical Institute, and instructor Laura Reilly, APR, director of communications at the Georgia School Boards Association, as they review the options and discusses factors to help you decide which would be more beneficial at this stage in your career. This teleconference will compare the processes for obtaining a Masters degree and an APR, discuss when might be most beneficial to begin the process, for those just coming out of undergraduate school or returning students and review the career growth potential of each option.