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2013 New Pros Week Fact Sheet

Who: PRSA New Professionals Section

What: New Professionals Week

When: November 11-15, 2013

Where: Nationwide

New Professionals Week was designed by the PRSA New Professionals Section to celebrate current young professional members, attract new members to local Chapters and share resources and ideas with new pros across the country. Ideally, each participating Chapter will hold an event focused on young professionals during this week. For Chapters that don’t have room in their budget to host a new event, here are a few budget friendly ways to get involved:

  1. Host a private showing of a New Pros webinar. During New Pros Week, we feature a webinar on a topic of interest for new pros. We anticipate the webinar will be held in the afternoon on Monday, November 11. To host a private showing – invite local new pros to an office, bring a bag lunch and have a discussion after the presentation. The playback will also be available through PRSA’s on-demand service and our guest speaker can be reached throughout the week for questions via Twitter.
  2. Host a New Pros focused Chapter meeting. What topics are particularly interesting to young professionals? What issues are they concerned with during their first few years as a PR professional? Schedule a Chapter meeting during this week and cover one of these topic(s) and/or issue(s).
  3. Participate in New Pros week via our social networks and blog. Follow our hashtag #NPWeek to join the coast-to-coast virtual networking. We're always looking for a fresh, new perspective on any aspect of PR for our blog; consider drafting a post about your Chapter’s local new pros group, or your personal experience as a new pro.

In addition to serving as a recruitment effort to get some new faces involved in your Chapter, another benefit of hosting an event during New Pros Week is that PRSA will feature all events held during this particular week in national promotion efforts. There is a section of the PRSA website dedicated to the events held during this week. In addition to the website, New Pros Week will be featured in PRSA newsletters, email and on social media channels. Through these efforts, PRSA members will be encouraged to connect with their local Chapters through events held this week.

Questions? Contact Elizabeth Greenaway ( for more information.