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Archive: Employee Communications Section Programming


Online Webinars and Brown Bag Discussions

Previous programming may only be available to Employee Communications Section members. Sign into MyPRSA to access on demand playback and speaker handouts.

Shifting to Social in the Enterprise: Putting Knowledge and Engagement First [Employee Communications Section MIXer]
Convincing company leaders to adopt any new social tool inside corporate walls tops the list of difficult tasks for most communicators. But selling the benefits of an enterprise-wide social networking (ESN) platform? You might as well suggest doubling the vacation policy. So how does the corporate communicator convince leaders that an ESN is not only a good idea for employees but can create tremendous value for leadership and customers?
Moderators: BeckyGraebe, Senior Manager, Internal Communications, SAS and Nancy Syzdek, APR, manager, corporate communications, JT3 LLC.

It's All About Measurement! [Employee Communications Section MIXer]
Communicators are always looking for new ways to measure the impact of their employee communications programs. Join your PRSA Employee Communications Section colleagues for a conversation about everyone’s favorite topic: measurement!
Moderators: Sean Williams, founder and CEO, Communication AMMO, Inc. and Nancy Syzdek, APR, manager, corporate communications, JT3 LLC.

Let’s Talk Social Media and Mobile Technology in Internal Comms! [Employee Communications Section Brown Bag Teleconference]
Looking to use social media or mobile to strengthen your internal communications offerings?  Or are you successfully doing so already? Join your PRSA Employee Communications Section colleagues to share best practices, ask questions and gain real-life take-aways about how you can incorporate social media and mobile technology to enhance your internal communications strategies.
Moderators: Sean Williams, founder and CEO, Communication AMMO, Inc. and Cindi Kurczewski, director of marketing and communications, East Lake Foundation.

Employee Engagement Member Idea eXchange [Employee Communications Section MIXer]
Looking for winning new ways to use communication to boost employee engagement? Got an interesting employee engagement success story you’d like to share with your PRSA Employee Communications Section colleagues? Listen to the PRSA Employee Communications Member MIXer playback discussion on employee engagement — one of the hottest topics in the field of employee communications today. Many PRSA Employee Communication Section members play key roles in supporting employee engagement programs and we put our heads together to share information, experiences and ideas that work. You’ll take away knowledge that will help you to re-invigorate and improve your employee engagement communication efforts.
PresenterRon Hess, president, Motiv8 Communications.

Making Your Intranet a Must-See  [Employee Communications Section Brown Bag Teleconference]
Is your company’s Intranet truly the go-to resource for your employees? Does it reflect the culture your company aspires to? How are you taking advantage of collaborative spaces and multi-dimensional communications opportunities? How are you keeping “unplugged” employees in the loop? For many internal communicators, the Intranet is the blessing and bane of our existence. They can be labor intensive, jargon-laden, top-down content-filled monsters. Others among us have made their Intranets into amazing engagement tools. Listen to the group discussion and learn some of the challenges and share advice. Work to tame the Intranet dragon and create useful communications tools for our companies and clients.
Moderator: Nancy Syzdek, APR, leads corporate and internal communications, JT3 LLC.

Leveraging Research in Your Internal Communications Plan [Employee Communications Section Brown Bag Teleconference]
Failure to use research as the foundation of an employee communication plan can lead to purposeless communication on issues that do not exist and to audiences who are not there — or do not care. This discussion will address how you can incorporate various research methods into your communications planning. Additionally, event participants will be encouraged to share what methods have and have not worked in their companies.
Moderator: Christine Jensen, MBA, APR, employee communications manager, Pioneer.

Leveraging Social Media Within Your Company [Employee Communications Section Brown Bag Teleconference]
Jennifer Rock, director of Dialogue and Intranet at Best Buy, lead this discussion about how your company can leverage social media to drive dialogue, engagement and innovation among employees. Her presentation was followed by an open discussion of best practices and Q&A. Discussion topics included:

  • How to gain support of management to begin using social media
  • How to integrate social media within existing communication strategies
  • How to get started using social media and what departments are key partners
  • How to promote and gain employee participation for social media tools
  • How to measure the results of social media and tie them to business goals
  • What resources should be devoted to social media internally
  • Why you should consider using social media as part of your overall communications strategy

Communicating Health Care Reform: Get Up to Speed on the Basics [Employee Communications section on-demand webinar, available until Aug. 26, 2014]
Deadlines for Health Care Reform implementation are looming, so states are scrambling to set up their exchanges. The new law requires companies to communicate health care information to employees. Are you ready? In this panel discussion, you will find out about the communications requirements of Health Care Reform, hear from a national expert and a large multi-state employer about best practices that can help you turn this communications challenge into an engagement opportunity, and learn how to emphasize the value of your company’s medical benefits and engage employees in meaningful discussions about their health care choices.
Presenters: Nancy Hughes, APR, vice president, communications and marketing, National Health Council (NHC), Donna Jaffee, principal, workforce communication and change business and Cynara Charles-Pierre, director of crewmember communications, JetBlue Airways.

MGMNOW: Use Text Messaging to Engage Employees [Employee Communications section on-demand webinar, available until Feb. 20, 2014]
The MGM Grand Hotel and Casino employs more than 8,500 employees in six divisions. The creation of MGMNOW, a text messaging initiative based on how this large hotel interacts with its guests, was designed to reach and engage effectively with its diverse internal audience. Find out about the implementation of MGMNOW and how employee subscribers are the first to hear of events, free ticket offers and giveaways. Hear how word-of-mouth was used to increase subscribers within the first year.
Presenter: Jenny Titus, director of employee programs and communications, MGM Grand Hotel and Casino.

Communication: A Strategic Framework for Engaging Employees [Employee Communications section on-demand webinar]
Using real-world examples and groundbreaking research, this webinar will explain the benefits of positive communication and offer strategies for designing, implementing and evaluating positive communication interventions. This session will explain what “positive” communication means for employee engagement and your bottom line, discuss case studies and examples of successful positive communication programs, outline techniques for evaluating the impact of positive communication initiatives and inspire you to create positive change using digital and interpersonal channels.
Instructor: Christopher R. Groscurth, Ph.D. is an expert on workplace communication, diversity, and positive organizational change. He holds an appointment in the Center for Research on Learning and Teaching at the University of Michigan.