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More Than 100 Local Chapter Communities

Become a visibly engaged member of your local public relations community while developing new contacts and increasing your knowledge. Join your local PRSA Chapter and: 

Build Relationships (image)

Build Relationships Within An Engaged Community of Local Colleagues

Chapter membership provides you with more than just a way to develop professionally — it allows you to become part of a tight-knit group of public relations professionals with whom you can discuss upcoming projects, share experiences and volunteer on initiatives that spark your interest.

Conference Networking and Training (image)

Network and Receive Training at Local Conferences and Events

There’s no better place to start building your professional network and honing your skills than right at home. Chapter membership is your key to exclusive discounts on upcoming events in your city and region, from training workshops to in-depth discussions on the latest industry trends.

Volunteer Programs (image)

Build Awareness Through Volunteer Programs

Your relationships with colleagues grow even stronger as you work together to give back to your community. From local Chapter awards to seminars, Chapters offer programming that recognize the efforts of members to strengthen and preserve the communities in which they live and work.