Evolve Your Practice and Approach

How Content Marketing Is Changing PR Storytelling

Hosted by the Independent Practitioners Alliance.

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Category: Branding

As more and more consumers are conducting online research before making purchase decisions, their first engagement with a brand often occurs via social media. As a result, companies are opting to hire in-house social media experts for brand development and evangelism. This puts PR pros in a unique position to continue to lead the way in message and story development.

In this session, you’ll receive insights and tips to help you expand and transform your storytelling into content marketing, as well as find out how to create a reasonable social media presence for your client or brand. You’ll also learn how to:

• Use content marketing to increase sales.
• Approach content marketing in a way that positions your client or brand as a thought leader.
• Optimize past content, including white papers and case studies, for your new content marketing initiative.
• Develop an editorial calendar (participants will receive a customizable template download).


Gina Milani, founder, PR Toolfinder

Photo of Gina Milani

Gina is the founder of PR Toolfinder, a resource designed to make it even easier to find and evaluate free and paid tools to grow your business.  In today’s fast changing world of PR, media and marketing, it has become nearly impossible to keep up with all of the changes in available tools serving our community. 


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