The Affordable Health Care Act

Explore New Language That Protects Your Brand

Hosted by the Health Academy.

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Category: Techniques & Tactics

The Affordable Care Act is best known for the health insurance provisions recently upheld by the Supreme Court. However, the law’s implications reach far beyond expanded insurance coverage. It has helped propel a wave of private sector innovations to raise the quality and lower the cost of health care — all with significant implications for public relations. New health care delivery entities that go by the name of “accountable care organizations” and “patient-centered medical homes” are springing up across the country. In this webinar you will:

  • Learn about the massive restructuring that is underway, blurring the lines between companies that manage risk (insurers) and those that provide care (health systems).
  • Consider how this new landscape of health care is littered with language land mines that can damage a health system’s brand.
  • Explore new language that communicates the benefits of these health care delivery and payment reforms.
  • Understand the new emphasis to drive patient and consumer behavior change toward wellness, access to preventive care and medication adherence.
  • Recognize the growing importance of stakeholder communications, within the health care sector and between the health care sector and purchasers.


Chuck Alston, senior vice president, MSL Group

Alston specializes in health care communications and policy. He has conducted extensive research with patients and consumers about their perceptions of health care payment and delivery reform. His clients include the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, the nation’s largest philanthropy devoted solely to health and health care, as well as hospitals, health systems and insurers. He is leading an Institute of Medicine research project on communicating about medical evidence.


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