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Online Social Media Bootcamp

Online Social Media Bootcamp

Nearly every PR pro is on social media in some capacity, but are you utilizing it in the most effective way possible for your organization?

In “Online Social Media Bootcamp,” led by top-rated social media trainer Eric Schwartzman, you’ll get in-depth, hands-on training for managing risk and scaling engagement. Through step-by-step exercises and an examination of case studies, you’ll be brought up to speed on key concepts and best practices that are being implemented by your industry colleagues. You’ll learn how to:

  • Use social media strategically for organizational communications.
  • Conduct social media monitoring campaigns.
  • Search engine optimize press releases, photos and videos.
  • Use Facebook for organizational communications.
  • Use Twitter for organizational communications.
  • Use LinkedIn for organizational communications.

About Eric Schwartzman

Eric SchwartzmanBest-selling author and entrepreneur Eric Schwartzman, one of the most experienced social media educators in the world, has trained thousands of executives at all skill levels, from Boeing, Edison, Johnson & Johnson, Pepsi, Singapore Ministry of Information, Toyota, U.S. Department of State, U.S. Marine Corp, Victoria’s Secret and dozens of small to mid-size businesses.


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