Andrea Coville

Photo of Andrea Coville Andrea Coville is CEO of Brodeur Partners, a global public relations agency headquartered in Boston. She has managed the firm since 1999 and led the agency’s emergence as a technology leader. A hands-on executive, Coville has guided communications strategies for corporations and brands such as FM Global, Corning, Phillips, Toshiba, Mastercard, IBM, Fidelity Investments and the American Cancer Society. She conceived Brodeur’s strategic planning platform of relevance and has led the agency’s transformation into an integrated communications firm built around behavioral change, digital strategy, and creative insight. As such, the firm regularly conducts original research into consumer attitudes and behavior, with recent focuses on wellness programs, exercise, diet, wearable devices, money, investing, hotel brands, and retailers. Coville has a strong interest in women’s leadership issues and has presented at Harvard’s Kennedy School and the Wharton School of Management on this subject. Coville graduated from the University of New Hampshire with a degree in journalism.