Peter Weddle

Photo of Peter Weddle Weddle has served as CEO of three HR consulting companies, a partner in the Hay Group, and the recipient of a Federal award for leadership-related research. Described by The Washington Post as “... a man filled with ingenious ideas,” he has authored or edited over two dozen books and been a columnist for The Wall Street Journal, National Business Employment Weekly and

He is also the CEO of WEDDLE’s Research & Publications, which specializes in employment and workforce issues. WEDDLE’s guides to Internet employment sites are the gold standard of their genre, leading the American Staffing Association to call Weddle the “Zagat of the online employment industry.” His most recent books, “The Career Activist Republic” and “Work Strong: Your Personal Career Fitness System,” offer a frank, yet positive, assessment of the challenges and opportunities available to working men and women in 21st century America. Weddle is a graduate of the United States Military Academy at West Point. He attended Oxford University, and holds advanced degrees from Middlebury College and Harvard University.