May 2013 Public Relations Training Events

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Accelerate Your Success: Winning Strategies in Health PR
May 1–3, 2013 | Conference | Indianapolis, Ind.
The Health Academy Conference is ideal if you work in health care or an organization allied to the field, or in a public relations agency serving health care clients. Held each spring, this annual conference provides industry perspective and communications strategies that will benefit your career. At a time of momentous change within the health care field, this conference will help you and your organization prepare for the future. In-Person
How a Content-Focused Digital Marketing and PR Strategy Can Grow Brand Visibility and Increase Sales
On-Demand Webinar
Category: Social Media
Included with PRSA Membership.
Creating content that influences growth in media and new business requires an integrated approach. This presentation will present a model of attract, engage and convert to help organizations optimize the performance of their content-focused digital marketing and public relations programs. Lee Odden; On-Demand
Building Brand Relationships That Inspire Generations
On-Demand Webinar
Category: Communication Strategy
Included with PRSA Membership.
No longer do young adults buy a Ford because their parents drove one. Brands today simply cannot depend on that implied brand equity. Through buzz-building programs, organizations can intercept the brand equity lifecycle and engage consumers on their own terms. Jon Cronin; Daniel Lemin; Daryl McCullough; On-Demand
Position Yourself as a Thought Leader
On-Demand Webinar
Categories: Executive Level, Leadership & Management
Included with PRSA Membership.
To be successful, businesses must stand out as responsible, solutions-oriented organizations that care about their people, results and the greater economic good. As communicators, we have a huge responsibility to position ourselves as thought leaders and contributors to the most pressing business challenges of the day. Paul Gennaro; On-Demand
Financial Communications Section
May 14, 2013 | Interactive Discussion
Category: Emerging Trends
Mobility offers an unprecedented opportunity to simplify task completion and access to personalized, contextual information. Join this discussion about mobility trends in the banking space and about how unique how to leverage mobile capabilities. Marcia DiStaso, Ph.D., APR; Rohit Sharma;
Employee Communications Section
Employee Communications Section MIXer (Member Idea Exchange)
May 15, 2013 | Interactive Discussion
Category: Social Media
Join your PRSA Employee Communications Section colleagues to share best practices, ask questions and gain real-life take-aways about how you can incorporate social media and mobile technology to enhance your internal communications strategies. Cindi Kurczewski; Sean D. Williams;
How to Think and Advise Management Strategically During Tough Situations and Crises
May 16–17, 2013 | Workshop | New York, N.Y.
Categories: Crisis & Reputation, Executive Level
When the going gets tough, how strategic are you? Join senior communicators and communication managers in this two-day immersion session to expand your strategic skills. James E. Lukaszewski, ABC, IABC Fellow; APR, Fellow PRSA, BEPS Emeritus; In-Person
What You Need to Know, Why You Should Care
On-Demand Webinar
Categories: Ethics, Executive Level, Social Media
Included with PRSA Membership.
The online world is filled with fake reviews, Wikipedia entries written for hire, and blogs that fail to disclose free products and services. Get a revealing look at the scope of this corruption, what the law says, and what ethical public relations pros should do. David Kamerer, Ph.D., APR; On-Demand
All Shook Up: Maintaining PR Relevance in Today’s Changing World
May 21–24, 2013 | Conference | Memphis, Tenn.
Designed for travel and hospitality communicators, the Travel and Tourism Conference features essential information, to put your career and organization on the fast track for success, including nimble approaches to help make the most of your staff, budget and time. In-Person
Shift From a Tactical to a Strategic Approach
On-Demand Webinar
Category: Social Media
Included with PRSA Membership.
Today’s practitioners are shifting from communication handlers and facilitators to strategic PR influencers and champions. Find out how public relations professionals have the opportunity to expand their skill set and their PR practices when PR meets social media, and communication unites with technology. Deirdre Breakenridge; On-Demand

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