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June 2012 Public Relations Training Events

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On-Demand Webinar

Employee Communications Section
Leveraging Employees as Social Media Brand Ambassadors
On-Demand Section Webinar

Categories: Communication Strategy, Social Media

A decentralized communications model can enhance an organization’s reach and engagement with its audiences. Explore a case study that demonstrates how a global, decentralized company led an internal shift to maximize social and digital media.
Jaya Bohlmann, APR; Robert Philips; On-Demand

On-Demand Webinar

Technology Section
Discover the Link Between Data and Strategic Planning
On-Demand Section Webinar

Category: Measurement & ROI

Find out how Web analytics, properly implemented and interpreted, can provide you powerful feedback on public relations performance. Learn how to let your Web users show you how to improve your website.
Photo of David Kamerer, Ph.D., APR
Featured Presenter:
David Kamerer, Ph.D., APR; On-Demand

June 8 Fri.

Winning Over Journalists and Bloggers in the New Media Landscape
June 8, 2012 | Course | New York, N.Y.

Category: Media Relations

Learn intensely practical tips that will instantly boost your media and blog coverage including eight “story boosters” that turn ordinary news into stories journalists crave and four proven formulas for winning email pitch subject lines.
Photo of Michael Smart
Featured Presenter:
Michael Smart; In-Person

June 11 Mon.

New Professionals Section
A New Professionals Section Brown Bag Discussion
June 11, 2012 | Interactive Discussion

Category: Leadership & Management

Join fellow members of the New Professionals Section for an informal discussion about what concerns senior PR pros have about their junior employees that they can’t or won’t say outright.
Photo of Michael Smart
Featured Presenter:
Michael Smart;

On-Demand Webinar

Learn to Analyze Scenario-Based Questions to Increase Your Examination Success
On-Demand Webinar

Category: Accreditation Preparation & Maintenance

Has it been a while since you’ve taken a multiple-choice exam? Increase your understanding of the multiple-choice environment, and participate in demonstration exercises.
Photo of Jason S. Kirsch, APR
Featured Presenter:
Jason S. Kirsch, APR; Bob Saline, APR, Fellow PRSA; On-Demand

June 12-13 Tue.–Wed.

Key Concepts and Techniques of Effective Public Relations
June 12–13, 2012 | Course | Arlington, Va.

Category: Communication Strategy

Gain a clear understanding of public relations and communications concepts and techniques through lectures, case study presentations, discussions and group exercises. Examine the theory and practice of major issues facing the profession.
Photo of Robin Schell, APR, Fellow PRSA
Featured Presenter:
Robin Schell, APR, Fellow PRSA; In-Person

On-Demand Webinar

Recent Study Results and Implications for Strategic Communications
On-Demand Webinar

Categories: Communication Strategy, Techniques & Tactics

Booz Allen Hamilton launched the National Trust and Confidence Index Study (NTCIS) to assess the key elements that shape public trust and confidence. Hear how the index can be used by government, commercial and not-for-profit organizations to baseline their current level of public trust and confidence, and what areas the NTCIS suggests need improvement.
Don Beck, Ph.D.; Tim Tinker, Ph.D.; On-Demand

June 15 Fri.

June 15, 2012 | Course | Arlington, Va.

Category: Communication Strategy

Gain a strategic approach to communications that will help you become more of a strategist, better prepared to offer solutions and counsel and more valuable to your organization’s decision making.
Peter H. Hollister, APR, Fellow PRSA, CPRC; In-Person

June 21 Thu.

Financial Communications Section
A Financial Communications Section Brown Bag Discussion
June 21, 2012 | Interactive Discussion

Category: Social Media

Participate in this discussion for a succinct analysis of the latest and ”greatest“ compliance issues relevant to financial services social media efforts, and find out about firsthand experiences implementing and maintaining a social media presence.
Denyette DePierro; Carol Kaplan; Michelle Meacham;

June 22 Fri.

Ensure That Your Content Makes the Cut
June 22, 2012 | Course | Boston, Mass.

Categories: Techniques & Tactics, Writing

Learn useful tactics that will help you develop distinctive content that reaches and appeals to your target audience. Master a seven-step system for making every piece you write easier to read and understand.
Photo of Ann Wylie
Featured Presenter:
Ann Wylie; In-Person

On-Demand Webinar

An Introduction for Learning How to Read the Signs
On-Demand Webinar

Category: Crisis & Reputation

Are you paying attention to the big picture? Learn how to identify emerging trends that will affect your business.
Photo of Richard Laermer
Featured Presenter:
Richard Laermer; On-Demand

On-Demand Webinar

Write Releases That Get Posted on Portals, Help Google Find Your Site, Reach Readers Online and More
On-Demand Webinar

Categories: Media Relations, Techniques & Tactics, Writing

Want to get the word out more effectively? Find out how to optimize your releases for search engines and human readers.
Photo of Ann Wylie
Featured Presenter:
Ann Wylie; On-Demand

June 28-29 Thu.–Fri.

Learn Social Media Strategies for Effective Public Relations
June 28–29, 2012 | Course | New York, N.Y.

Category: Social Media

Learn the ins and outs of blogging, podcasting, RSS, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, online newsrooms and other social media. Gain hands-on experience through step-by-step exercises using new media tools and services.
Photo of Eric Schwartzman
Featured Presenter:
Eric Schwartzman; In-Person

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