January 2013 Public Relations Training Events

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Making It Easy for Journalists to Pick Up Your Story
On-Demand Webinar
Category: Media Relations
Included with PRSA Membership.
Learn what journalists need in hand to cover your story, and in what format they want it. Optimize your digital news release for maximum Web exposure. Malayna Evans, Ph.D.; On-Demand
New Professionals Section
A New Professionals Section Brown Bag Discussion
Jan. 17, 2013 | Interactive Discussion
Category: Techniques & Tactics
Whether you’re just beginning your job search right out of college, or you’re anticipating a career change, advice on interviews, resumes and job searching is always relevant. Join this discussion of the basics, as well as the new and creative ways to enhance your resume with QR codes and social media. Richard Spector;
Learn Proven Techniques for Setting Objectives for Success
On-Demand Webinar
Category: Measurement & ROI
Included with PRSA Membership.
The Barcelona Principles are the first-ever PR measurement standards adopted by hundreds of associations, companies and individuals. Learn how to identify “good” and “bad” objective statements and link them with overall business goals. Pauline Draper-Watts; On-Demand
Reach readers, improve communication — even boost the bottom line — by making your messages more readable
On-Demand Webinar
Categories: Techniques & Tactics, Writing
Included with PRSA Membership.
In this session, you’ll dive into the results of this massive worldwide literacy study to get a reality check on the level at which your readers really read. (Prepare to be depressed!) Ann Wylie; On-Demand
Learn Social Media Strategies for Effective Public Relations
Jan. 31– Feb. 1, 2013 | Workshop | Las Vegas, Nev.
Category: Social Media
Learn the ins and outs of blogging, podcasting, RSS, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, online newsrooms and other social media. Gain hands-on experience through step-by-step exercises using new media tools and services. Eric Schwartzman; In-Person

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