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Nov. 1– Dec. 13, 2017 | Live Online Course
Category: Crisis & Reputation
This brand new professional development offering is designed as a certificate of completion program to equip management-level communicators with best practices in industry perspectives and sharing resources to work through various crises.

The live, online series of six modules will launch on Nov. 1, 2017 and run through Dec. 13, 2017, airing consecutive Wednesdays from 3-4 p.m. EST. (Note: No program on Nov. 22) All modules will be recorded so that participants can review them after the live date. Registrants will earn a certificate-of-completion and digital badge for their LinkedIn profile and resume.
Hosted by the PRSA Foundation and Center for Talent Innovation (CTI)
Dec. 4, 2017 | Webinar, On-Demand Available Dec. 11
Category: Leadership & Management
Included with PRSA Membership.
Discover where bias exists in your organization and discover effective tactics to map, measure and disrupt it. Laura Sherbin ; Live Online
Increase coverage, sharing and more with tight, bright releases
Dec. 5, 2017 | Webinar, On-Demand Available Dec. 12
Categories: Communication Strategy, Techniques & Tactics, Writing
Included with PRSA Membership.
In this session, you’ll learn how to write tight, bright PR pieces that increase readership, coverage, sharing and more. Ann Wylie; Live Online
Presented by PRSA and Wylie Communications
Dec. 11–12, 2017 | Workshop | Miami, Fla.
Category: Writing
Writing for the mobile web: It’s not easy to get the word out on a 3.5-x-6.5-inch screen. How do we reach readers in this environment? In this online writing workshop, you’ll learn to write webpages that draw mobile and desktop visitors to your site; help them read faster, remember more, understand better, find what they’re looking for and enjoy the experience enough to come back. In-Person
The Plan, the Process and the Possibilities
Dec. 11, 2017 | Webinar, On-Demand Available Dec. 17
Categories: Communication Strategy, Techniques & Tactics
Included with PRSA Membership.
All successful business professionals set goals on a consistent, annual basis. Achieving the goals you set and managing the process is a vital way to move forward in your career. During this Webinar you will learn not only the relevance of setting and achieving goals, but how to focus on the targets of importance both to you as an individual performer and to your organization. Suzanne Updegraff; Live Online
Dec. 12, 2017 | Webinar, On-Demand Available Dec. 19
Category: Media Relations
Included with PRSA Membership.
Have you ever heard of the 10 to 1 rule? It's the idea that it takes 10 good things to be said about a company to drown out one negative impression. Learn how to identify and promote positive stories within your company to news media, influencers and target customers. Live Online
How GE Power Is Transforming Its Communications and Culture to Adapt to the Digital Era
Dec. 14, 2017 | Case in Point
Categories: Communication Strategy, Emerging Trends, Leadership & Management, Social Media, Techniques & Tactics
Case in Points are online, interactive case studies that are focused on various industry topics within Communications. Each Case in Point is 75-minutes in length, includes a Concluding Case Study Summary and the interaction will be tied to a private, online community. The online community will encourage participation through videos, suggested readings tied to the topic and through conversing with other attendees before and after the live session. David W. McCulloch; Adam Tucker; Live Online
Hosted by the PRSA Foundation and Center for Talent Innovation (CTI)
Jan. 9, 2018 | Webinar, On-Demand Available Jan. 16
Category: Leadership & Management
Included with PRSA Membership.
In workplaces where no one feels comfortable talking about race relations, the ability to understand coworkers’ realities suffer and trust among us erodes. Learn about achieving courageous conversation in this webinar. Ripa Rashid; Live Online
Discover How to Craft the Perfect Pitch and Get Placements Without Pitching
March 22–23, 2018 | Workshop | Chicago, Ill.
Category: Media Relations
Join media pitching coach Michael Smart as he presents a two-day event designed to help PR pros achieve superior results in today’s quickly changing media landscape. Michael Smart; In-Person
April 4–6, 2018 | Workshop | Harrisburg, Pa.
Category: Accreditation Preparation & Maintenance
This course is designed to provide a setting for busy professionals to focus on final preparations. We strongly recommend that candidates complete previous preparations through their local chapter, on their own or by taking the APR Online Course. (This is not a seminar for those beginning their APR journey.) Elizabeth M. Smith, MBA, APR; Jason S. Kirsch, APR; Amy Beisel Hill, APR; In-Person
April 11–13, 2018 | Conference | Nashville, Tenn.
Public relations counselors in higher education come together at the CHE Senior Summit to learn new communications strategies to advance their college or university. In-Person
April 25–27, 2018 | Conference | Washington, D.C.
The Health Academy Conference is ideal if you work in health care or an organization allied to the field, or in a public relations agency serving health care clients. Held each spring, this annual conference provides industry perspective and communications strategies that will benefit your career. At a time of momentous change within the health care field, this conference will help you and your organization prepare for the future. In-Person
May 6–8, 2018 | Conference | Toronto, ON
Public relations agency owners and senior counselors come together at the Counselors Academy Conference to learn new strategies for managing their operations, clients and employees. In-Person
May 16–18, 2018 | Conference | Nashville, Tenn.
Designed for employee communications professionals, this event focuses on the latest digital and on-site approaches to optimize approaches leveraging your most valuable resource — your team. In-Person
Mod About PR
June 3–6, 2018 | Conference | New Orleans, La.
Designed for travel and hospitality communicators, the Travel and Tourism Conference features essential information, to put your career and organization on the fast track for success, including nimble approaches to help make the most of your staff, budget and time. In-Person

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