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Creating Effective Integrated Marketing Communications Campaigns

Course Duration: Approx. 3 hours

Note: Lesson modules are not available à la carte.
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Category: Communication Strategy

This comprehensive e-learning course provides five in-depth lesson modules to help position professional communicators to oversee integrated marketing campaigns:

  1. Introduction to Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC): Master the Key Components of Every Campaign
  2. Defining Key Audiences: Identify Audiences Within the Buying Cycle
  3. Leveraging SWOT Analysis: Ensure Strategic Consistency
  4. Syncing Tactics: Align Messaging Channels and Linked Tactics
  5. Measuring Performance: Analyze Qualitative and Quantitative Data

After this course, you’ll be able to implement integrated campaigns that align strategies and tactics within the PR, advertising and marketing disciplines to create more impactful results.

Designed to be taken at your own pace. This five-hour course provides immediately actionable approaches to integrated marketing communications, along with troubleshooting, to ensure your content remains consistent, relevant and synchronized.


“I found the integrated marketing communications e-learning course to be all-encompassing. Other online courses I have taken in the past seemed to skim over the small details that tie ideas together, but this course anticipated and answered all of my questions. I felt every possible factor was addressed in planning and implementing IMC campaigns.”

— Chris Bonelli, Plant Communications Manager, General Motors

What You’ll Learn

“Introduction to Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC): Master the Key Components of Every Campaign”

  • The Definition of Integrated Marketing Communications
  • The Basic Components of an IMC Campaign
  • The Questions to Ask When Developing an IMC Campaign

“Defining Key Audiences: Identify Audiences Within the Buying Cycle”

  • How Audiences Are Being Defined Differently Today Than in the Past
  • Why Audiences Are Being Defined Differently
  • The Tools That Can Be Used to Define an Audience
  • The Five Steps of the Buying Cycle
  • The Purpose of Creating a Persona

“Leveraging SWOT Analysis: Ensure Strategic Consistency”

  • Overview of a SWOT Analysis
  • The Purpose of a SWOT Analysis
  • How to Conduct and Use a SWOT for an IMC Campaign
  • The Purpose of Strategic Consistency and “One Voice” in an IMC Campaign
  • The Integrated Strategy Statement

“Syncing Tactics: Align Messaging Channels and Linked Tactics”

  • Messaging Channels and Owned Media Components for an IMC Campaign
  • The Tactics
  • The Concept of Linked Tactics
  • How Linked Tactics Are Used in IMC Campaigns

“Measuring Performance: Analyze Qualitative and Quantitative Data”

  • Qualitative and Quantitative Measurements of IMC Campaign Objectives
  • How to Measure the Audience Response for an IMC Campaign
  • How to Measure Component Performance for an IMC Campaign
  • The Critical Success Factors for IMC Campaigns

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Bonnie Harris, owner, Wax Marketing; adjunct professor, Reed College of Media, West Virginia University

Photo of Bonnie Harris Harris has designed and implemented IMC strategies for clients across the United States, including National Geographic and Yale University. Prior to founding her IMC practice in 2002, she worked in marketing and management in the technology industry for 15 years. She received her master’s degree from the IMC program at West Virginia University in December of 2007.

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