The Digital Transformation

How Technology Changes the Marketplace and Impacts PR

Hosted by the Technology Section.

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Category: Social Media

Technology is driving a digital transformation in the public relations industry — and it’s not optional. Whether you are with a firm, or an in-house department of a large organization, what it means to leverage publicity as a tool is rapidly changing. In this session, you’ll gain an understanding of how the rest of the digital transformation might impact our industry, and how you can get an edge on the other options organizations now have for doing outreach. You’ll also learn:

  • How to move with velocity in a world with rapidly changing technology tools.
  • The latest digital marketing philosophies and how they impact PR.
  • How PR functionality fits into the big picture of the modern technology-based revenue engine.
  • About the future of mobility and how that will change information flow, including the information you are tasked with spreading.


Scott Klososky, entrepreneur, strategist, and visionary; founder/CEO, Paragraph, Inc.

A former CEO of three successful startup companies, Klososky is passionate about shaking up the daily grind and rebuilding business from the ground-up. And when those businesses become profitable, he seeks out the next opportunity. His presentations deliver fresh observations, ideas, and practical steps that organizations can use to restructure teams, create strategy that works, and apply technology in influential ways. His workshops instill cutting-edge concepts that can be applied to achieve instant results.



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