Creating a Sense of Place Online With Google Maps

Hosted by the Travel & Tourism Section.

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Category: Techniques & Tactics

As technology continues to evolve the way we connect with the world around us, savvy travelers are simultaneously seeking fresh ways to discover and experience a destination's sense of place prior to departure.

Last year, Google Maps launched an ambitious new initiative to continue mapping the world — by foot! Known as the Google Trekker, this high-tech camera, which is able to take 360-degree panoramic photos of its surroundings, was put on the backs of people across the globe. The result? Never-before-seen images of some of the most fascinating places on Earth. And now, it's just a click away, offering travelers a true sense of a destination during their research and planning process.

Join Evan Rapoport, product manager for Google Maps, as he discusses the latest advancements with Google Maps, and opportunities every public relations and marketing executive working with clients in the travel and tourism should know. In this session, you will learn:

  • ?How to incorporate Google Maps and its suite of products into your marketing and communications mix.
  • How to develop and contribute content to Google Maps to enhance the visitor experience for your destination and industry partners.
  • The details of case studies on partners that have participated in the Google Trekker program.
  • Whether your destination is qualified to be a Google Trekker partner, and how to apply.


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