Use Social Data and Research in Strategic Communications

How to Draw Meaningful and Actionable Insights

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Category: Measurement & ROI

Billions of pieces of social data are created every day — the sheer volume of content is overwhelming. It takes constant monitoring and research just to keep track of the conversation around your brand. So, how do you draw meaningful and actionable insights from this ever-growing conversation? 

In this webinar, you’ll discover proven ways to use research and social data to increase your business’ digital impact. As a prelude to her presentation at the “PR Research 101: Simple Steps for Demonstrating and Generating a Positive Return on Public Relations Investment,” May 14, in New York City, presenter Chi-Chi Millaway will provide an interactive experience that includes hands-on exercises, and an examination of case studies and emerging best practices. She’ll discuss:

  • How to identify influencers who will expand your social media impact.
  • How to use research to protect your social brand.
  • How to draw insights from and act upon emerging trends in social media.
  • How to apply social insights for better communications and business decision-making.


Chi-Chi Millaway, social media director, PRIME Research

Photo of Chi-Chi Millaway

Millaway is social media director at PRIME Research, and a professor of social media at NYU. Integrating social media with marketing, PR and SEO programs, she helps companies manage digital reputation, grow traffic and revenue, and build engaged communities.


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