How to Use the Joint Information Center

Hosted by the Public Affairs and Government (PAG) Section

Hosted by the Public Affairs and Government Section.

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Categories: Crisis & Reputation, Leadership & Management, Techniques & Tactics

Pack a lunch and dial in to learn the latest innovations in how the Joint Information Center (JIC) works in different high-profile situations. Host Lauri-Ellen Smith, APR, has served as lead public information officer (PIO) in several national incidents, and will share insights on unique events, such as trials and monster truck shows. Learn how social media has impacted the JIC and how the formation of a media committee during major/large scale events can help public affairs officers (PAOs).
Your Session ROI:

  • Using the Incident Command System (ICS) works in almost every event — but you have to be flexible, depending on your “partners” in the incident.
  • Stand up a Joint Information Center just for the “fun” of it — providing yourself and colleagues a great real-world experience.
  • In the new JIC paradigm, the media can be our friend … sort of.


Lauri-Ellen Smith, APR, senior public affairs/public relations executive, Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office

Photo of Lauri-Ellen Smith, APR

From her 35 years of public relations experience, Lauri-Ellen Smith understands how the best organizations integrate communications and empower their PR professionals to help the organization succeed, both perceptually and operationally. Smith has worked in a number of diverse settings, from a Fortune 500 company publishing company to a nonprofit healthcare organization and serving as the lead PIO and spokesperson for Super Bowl XXXIX safety and security. An accredited public relations professional, Smith provides first-hand examples of the merging of public/government/media relations with marketing and protocol to develop and manage organizational and leader perception and reputation.