Reputation Management

Learn to Measure, Monitor and Analyze Your Organization’s Most Important Asset

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Categories: Crisis & Reputation, Executive Level, Leadership & Management

Communication professionals and other leaders who understand reputation, as well as how to build and implement a reputation management program, will have a distinct career advantage. This hands-on seminar will culminate in the participants preparing a reputation management plan that is based on the instructor’s copyrighted process.  

It has become a truism that today more than ever, reputations can be destroyed in an instant. But it is also true that fame and recognition are easier to gain now than ever before. So one key to managing reputation is to exploit organizational strengths as well as prevent vulnerabilities from turning into crises. As important as crisis management, issues management and risk management are, they are only subsets of reputation management, a growing field that is based on the principle that reputation is an asset that, like any other, must be managed in its entirety.

The course includes a formulaic, real-world approach to measuring, monitoring, analyzing and managing reputation by focusing on organizational performance, behavior, communication and intrinsic identity. Course instructor John Doorley will be joined by guest instructors who, like professor Doorley, have practiced and taught at high levels. 

You will learn:

  • How reputation can be measured and appraised.
  • How reputation conveys real benefits, and what those benefits are.
  • How reputation can be managed.
  • How a knowledge of reputation management can help your career.


John Doorley, M.S., director, Mindful Reputation and co-author of the leading, peer-reviewed text, “Reputation Management”, New York University

Doorley, director, Mindful Reputation, previously was head of corporate communication at Merck when it was named America’s Most Admired Company seven of his 12 years there. He later became founding academic director of the graduate program in public relations and corporate communication at New York University, which was named America’s Best Public Relations Academic Program twice. Doorley built and taught the world’s first graduate course in reputation management at NYU, copyrighted the template process called Comprehensive Reputation Management, and co-authored the leading, peer-reviewed text, “Reputation Management,” the third edition of which will be published in 2014. 


Participants earn 4.0 APR Maintenance Credits for a two-day course. Learn more about Accreditation maintenance.