Effective Messaging

Writing and Speaking With Words That Resonate

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Categories: Crisis & Reputation, Writing

Many media interviews and spokespeople are ineffective due to one reason — their key messages fail to resonate with audiences. Weak, bulleted key messages kill interviews, speeches and written communications because they add no context to the conversation, they fail to be quotable and they are generally empty words.

Come ready to write and speak as you are introduced to new methods of writing and delivering key messages. Prepare to throw out your old beliefs and adopt a new approach that will benefit you, your spokespeople and your employer for decades to come.

In this writing workshop, you will:

  • Learn and use the “key message tree” writing and mind-mapping system.
  • Throw away your old key messages and write new ones.
  • Engage in media-interview exercises to verbally test your key messages.
  • Find out how to avoid complaints from spokespeople who say, “My words were taken out of context.”
  • Eliminate complaints from spokespeople that say, “My best stuff was left on the cutting room floor.”
  • Examine all the ways and places these new key messages will be used.
  • Adopt best practices to help you get executives to use your new key messages.
  • Unlock the secret to making your employees brand ambassadors with your new key messages.

Who should attend?

If you are a senior writer or create messages for your organization’s top leadership, you will benefit from this new approach to message development. If you serve as a spokesperson, CEO, or managing partner, or have strategic visibility within your company, you will benefit from understanding the power of effective messaging and your role in delivering words that resonate.


Gerard Braud, president and CEO, Braud Communications

Photo of Gerard Braud

Braud has passionately spent his entire career focused on the written and spoken word. Organizations on five continents rely on Braud to be their go-to expert for media training and crisis communications. Braud invented his “key message tree” writing and mind-mapping system as a way to improve the performance of his clients during interviews. The writing style is inspired by his own experience as a journalist conducting interviews, as well as a trainer trying to achieve a higher level of communications from spokespeople.



Participants with the APR credential earn 2.0 APR Maintenance Credits for a one-day course. Learn more about Accreditation maintenance.