The Art of Leadership Communication

Motivate, Inspire and Align Who You Lead

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Categories: Executive Level, Leadership & Management

Organizational leaders spend a lot of time honing the raw content of their important messages. Yet today’s executives need to draw on a much deeper personal toolkit of communication skills and research-based insight to understand how to actually motivate, inspire and align those they lead. James Endicott, president, Distinction Communication Inc., will provide leaders at all levels with a better grasp on how to shape strategic messages that can align with those plagued by uncertainty.

  • Make data more relevant to the lives of those affected, and give raw information more velocity to influence organizations.
  • How emotional communication and a leader’s storytelling ability may be an organization’s most powerful tool for change.
  • Visual case study examples on how and when to use symbolic communication as part of the overall communication toolkit.


James Endicott, president, Distinction Communication Inc.

Photo of James Endicott

Endicott is also a nationally-recognized executive coach, consultant and keynote speaker. Het has been a Jesse H. Neal award?winning columnist for PRESENTATIONS magazine and has contributed presentation-related content to magazines like BusinessWeek and the Portland Business Journal.



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