Best Practices for B2B Public Relations

Obtain Maximum Rewards from Marketplace Trends

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Category: Communication Strategy

If your focus is traditional public relations in the B2B space, you already know that the current landscape is anything but “traditional.” In the new environment, cost efficiency is paramount — which means that resource allocation is essential.

This requires you to determine not only which media content your stakeholders consume, but also to understand how, where and why they consume it. The increasing emphasis on targeting core audiences, identifying active influencers and establishing relevant benchmarks presents a professional challenge. Yet, it also constitutes a professional opportunity as you fully utilize your knowledge, skills and experience to help your organization obtain maximum rewards from marketplace trends and events. In this session, you will learn:

  • Tactics and the related tools that enable you to leverage your PR and communication efforts.
  • Simple ways to identify and engage influencers.
  • How to generate awareness and build positive brand perceptions with key influencers.
  • To create qualified leads and retain existing clients.
  • How to accurately measure B2B PR activities.


Johna Burke, CMO, BurrellesLuce

Photo of Johna Burke

Burke, CMO, BurrellesLuce, oversees national marketing and sales for the U.S. leader in media monitoring and analysis. She has more than 22 years of professional experience in communications, and media and public relations. Burke speaks frequently on public relations, the media, measurement and strategy. Her dual background as both a practitioner and a provider gives her a refreshing perspective on relevant developments and trends, and a clear understanding of the tools and technology that PR professionals have at their disposal. Her experience as the PR and IR director of a Fortune 500 company adds another dimension to her value as a consultant to clients wanting to establish monitoring and analysis programs that are individualized, comprehensive and actionable.



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