Weathering the Storm

Moving Beyond Impressions and Tonality to Gauge Media Impacts in a Crisis

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Category: Crisis & Reputation

The call from a national reporter wrapping up a major story about your client is like a bolt of lightning on the horizon. You know a storm is coming, but you can’t predict how hard it will hit or how much damage it might do.

Traditional media metrics, such as impressions and tonality, fall short in a crisis when there are pressing questions, including:

  • Is this a crisis with a lasting impact, or will this blow over?
  • Will this news affect my client’s brand?
  • Will this news impact sales?
  • What should we do to mitigate the damage?

Armed with consumer insights, you can better align your communications with the business and be an even more strategic partner in a crisis. However, there is work to be done before the lightning strikes.


Jim Pierpoint, senior vice president, brand and marketing research, Bank of America

Pierpoint is a former wire reporter and corporate PR executive who now heads communication research at one of the nation’s largest banking companies.


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