Going Green for the Red, White and Blue

How the Department of the Navy Is Using Energy Efficiency for Better Defense

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This special Earth Week Brown Bag, sponsored by the Public Affairs and Government Sector, is our way of helping spread the word about the mission-critical sustainability initiatives that help keep our U.S. Navy and Marine Corps and our nation strong.

In 2009, Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus issued a number of energy goals to increase energy security, promote energy efficiencies that improve war-fighting capabilities, and reduce reliance on foreign sources of fossil fuels through investments in renewable energy, including biofuel and other alternative sources (wind, solar, and geothermal).

The Navy’s expeditionary energy efforts are designed to reduce vulnerability to attacks associated with long fuel supply transport lines and replenishing at-sea operations. At home, investments in renewable energy and energy efficiency measures (e.g., improving building efficiency, upgrading lighting systems, and modernizing HVAC systems) help insulate critical infrastructure from the fragility of the commercial power grid.

Through past and continued efforts in initiatives like the “2012 Great Green Fleet Demonstration” and the “One Gigawatt Task Force,” the DASN Energy office strives to bring the Department of the Navy closer to achieving the Department of the Navy's energy goals, and toward the greater goal of total energy independence and security.


Photo of Tom Hicks

Hicks joined the Department of the Navy from the U.S. Green Building Council where he held several executive roles. Among other accomplishments, he spearheaded a new strategic venture on behalf of USGBC — the Building Performance Initiative — to ensure that all green buildings meet or exceed their energy and environmental performance goals. From 1996 to October 2004, Mr. Hicks was a Senior Program Manager at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency within the Energy Star for Buildings program.