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The PRSA Jobcenter Is Your Guide to Success

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Category: Techniques & Tactics

The PRSA Jobcenter is a one-stop resource for career information and advice. It ranks first in the Google search results for “public relations jobs,” drawing 80,000 page views and 20,000 unique visitors each week. The Jobcenter is where career experts offer candid insights on career planning, resume writing, salary information, career changes and networking. Take a tour of the PRSA Jobcenter career resources with Richard Spector, PRSA’s manager of client services and:

  • Hear what employers want most from their employees today.
  • Help position yourself, present your skills and experience, communicate your strengths and distinguish yourself from other candidates.
  • Discover how easy it is to search jobs by keyword, job function, industry, organizational setting, job type or location.
  • Improve your interview and follow-up skills, and learn more about the round-robin resume revision technique.
  • Find candid insights on career components, including recruiters, branding yourself, mentor matching, salary information, career changes and networking.


Richard Spector, senior manager, corporate development, PRSA

Photo of Richard Spector

Spector has been working with the PRSA Jobcenter for five years. He has counseled job seekers on resume writing, the changing roles of public relations, personal branding and interview preparation, and has presented at NYU SCPS, WVU IMC and The Black Public Relations Society. He has written career articles for PRSA’s ComPRehension blog and Public Relations Tactics, and regularly contributes content to the PRSA Jobcenter. Previously he was manager of research for 17 years with the Direct Marketing Association.



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