The Eight Most Common Mistakes Communicators Can’t Help But Make

Learn the Traps and How to Avoid Them

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Categories: Executive Level, Leadership & Management

Communicators, whether in an agency or internal function, take their role as counselor seriously. But many unknowingly commit critical errors that negatively impact their advice, the work product and, ultimately, their credibility. Learn the traps and biggest mistakes communicators make that keep advice from being sought, along with proven strategies and tools to help avoid the pitfalls.

  • Strengthen your client’s (either internal or external) perception of the role that you and communications can play to achieve business objectives.
  • Implement tools to ensure you and your client are approaching business challenges effectively and as a result, increasing the trust between you.
  • Presenter

    Kate Bushnell, president, The Grossman Group

    Photo of Kate Bushnell

    Bushnell leads the team of thoughtpartners™ to deliver innovative and strategic communication solutions for clients that address their everyday and defining business challenges. Having served on the corporate and agency side, she has counseled leaders from communications, HR, learning and development, supply chain, operations, community relations, compliance and more.


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