Those Difficult Talks for PR Pros

A Guide to Handling Difficult Conversations

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Categories: Executive Level, Leadership & Management

What tough talk are you avoiding? What is the cost to your business and your sanity? Most of us rank unpleasant workplace discussion or confrontation a few rungs below shark attack on the universal ladder of enjoyment. Unfortunately, tough talks are a fact of business life. The good news is that there are basic strategies that can help make confrontations, verbal skirmishes and angry exchanges far more manageable.

  • Learn the secret to managing difficult conversations with all your constituencies, with less stress and more finesse.
  • Learn how to overcome barriers to meaningful communication.
  • Discuss how to expand and enrich conversations with colleagues.
  • Find out how to handle strong emotions on both sides of the table.


Alan S. Cohen, MBA, president, Acts of Balance Coaching

Photo of Alan S. Cohen, MBA

Cohen is a professional certified coach (PCC), and public relations veteran with more than 25 years of business experience in the areas of public relations, marketing, human resources, leadership training and development. He is the author of "Those Difficult Talks for PR Pros."



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