How to Make Your Brand Relevant

Connect Relevance to Growth and Performance

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Categories: Branding, Executive Level, Communication Strategy

Why do some people love one brand more than another when both stores sell the same stuff? Why do some products seduce so many of us? It’s relevance. Learn how to develop a brand strategy that is relevant and appeals more strongly to your market.

  • Discover the connections between relevance, growth and performance.
  • Learn how to develop your most potent relevance indicators.
  • Implement a brand strategy that speaks to your market, whether customers are value-driven, need-driven or both.
  • Determine how to use relevance to take on larger organizations.


Andrea Coville, CEO, Brodeur Partners

Photo of Andrea Coville

Andrea Coville is CEO of Brodeur Partners, a global public relations agency headquartered in Boston. She has managed the firm since 1999 and led the agency’s emergence as a technology leader.



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